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Benefits of a No-Code solution

Top ten benefits of a No-Code solution

1. A custom solution

No-Code tools allow you to automate your business processes the way you designed them. They are not based on someone else’s idea of how your business should run. This is a huge competitive advantage as its not the tools but your processes that give you a competitive advantage.

2. Evolve over time

The business environment is changing faster than one can imagine. Think of all the zoom meetings and remote work culture which was just a thought in pre-pandemic era. With No-Code you are not stuck with antiquated processes. The No-Code solutions are fast and easy to evolve with changing business requirements.

3. Low cost

The cost of a No-Code solution is a fraction (5 to 10%) of a full blown IT solution. A No-Code solution is more of an operating expense than a capital expense one.

4. Reduced time to implementation

The time to design and deploy a No-Code solution is often in weeks instead of months and years. It offers your business a super power to respond to the changing market conditions faster than your competition.

5. Reduced integration headaches

Most No-Code solutions when designed properly span a wide range of needs. As an example, consider a single software for managing employee directory to CRM needs to documenting SOPs instead of 3-5 separate tools that require massive amount of integration among them.

6. Ease of learning

Every additional software in your portfolio requires training. The time and cost of these events is rarely factored in. A smaller portfolio of just couple of tools significantly reduces this headache.

7. No need for an IT team

Most No-Code solutions are created by business users and not an IT expert. This significantly lowers (often eliminates) the need to maintain an internal or external IT team.

8. Ease of management

A portfolio of well chosen few (read 2 or 3) tools are far easier to manage than a highly complex custom IT solution(s). Moreover, the version control (just one copy) instead of multitude of spreadsheets creating an un-welcomed chaos.

9. Data integrity

It’s almost a non-issue to maintain the “single source of truth” compared to the data being spread all over in various spreadsheets and sticky notes. Substantially reducing the unplanned errors.

10. Collaboration

Most if not all present day No-Code tools are cloud based with in-built collaboration features. A massive time saving compared to managing emails and disparate messaging platforms.

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