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We have been watching several factors accelerating towards a clear convergence in the near future for some time now. These factors are computational speed, advancements in algorithm theory and increased globalization and digitalization. It is our belief that this convergence will result in a major positive shift in the way businesses perform a few key operations. These operations are supply chain optimization, cybersecurity, customer support operations, and human resource management.

Businesses that embrace these advancements will thrive. Those that don’t will suffer.

MuZero is focused on creating next-generation algorithms serving as the backbone to the set of growing, multi-disciplinary, operational tools being built by our expanding list of Partners. These tools will give business leaders access to opportunities for optimizing several key business processes with cutting-edge solutions that, until now, have never before been possible.

We are employing the hub and spoke model, where MuZero is the hub and our partners are the spokes.


Cust. Support Large Language
Model Neural Network

    • BYO front end or employ a turnkey solution from one of our partners
    • Efficient, accurate and flexible
    • Learns and improves over time
    • Can employ the languages/dialects of your choice

Supply Chain Optimization Algorithms

  • Optimization is no longer an option, it’s a requirement
  • BYO front end or employ a turnkey solution from one of our partners
  • Enhanced collaboration and visibility
  • Improved customer service and cost reductions


In 1998, Dr. Mani Agrawal, then Chief Scientist at Manugistics, developed a revolutionary optimization engine for solving large scale supply chain problems. His engine heralded a new era in supply chain optimization and is still in common usage today by many Fortune 500 companies around the world.

Since its original development, no one has been able to substantially improve on his optimization engine. No one, that is, until now.

MuZero was founded by Dr. Agrawal as a way to present to the world an entirely new, much more powerful, set of algorithms that have been under development for the past 25 years. We call these algorithms collectively “The Engine.”

MuZero is positioning itself to release The Engine into wide usage by leveraging the industry expertise, technical abilities and practical knowhow of its growing network of business partners from around the world.

Mani Agrawal, PhD

Mani is an entrepreneur, business leader, and seasoned executive who has worked with leading organizations on wide-ranging projects such as M&A, operational strategies, and hands-on corporate turnarounds. Mani has held the positions of Chief Scientist at Manugistics, Expert of Operational Strategy at McKinsey & Co., and Europe Practice Leader Consulting at Cognizant. He has built high performing engineering and IT teams for some of the largest European companies in the world. Mani is passionate about creating algorithms that solve very complex real-world problems and about exploring opportunities in the emerging markets of Asia and Latin America.

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