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re imagination next-generation supply chains

Tracking • Visibility • Collaboration • Automation • Audit • Integration • Workflows • Approvals

CUSTOM solution
A platform that is made-to-fit

  • Each solution is customized to fit your database/ approval needs
  • A portfolio of algorithms to match the specific problem
  • A path to manage events like acquisition divestiture product addition/ deletion, new plants or plant closures, etc.

Fast deployment

Next generation ALGORITHMS for a higher ROI

  • Advanced mathematical modeling system for complex problems
  • At set of property statistical forecasting algorithms especially designed for minimizing MAPE and the variance of forecast error
  • Optimization engine (propriety) for very large sale non-linear integer problem sets sueh as for plant scheduling

Cost saving for a state-of-the-art solution

A flexible cloud-nature no and low code system coupled with proprietary algorithmic server allows rapid modeling and deployment, reducing the need (and associated cost) of additional custom development.

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